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In 1989, our story begins in a small home workshop under the hands of the architects Juan Antonio Nápoles Calderón and Lorena Camarena , from then until today constantly evolved, we have created, invented, improvised (no limits to achieve the objective) and improved our way of making a model. From that first job Quinta Real Hotel in Puerto Vallarta things have changed. We currently have an area of ​​580 m2, enough room to recreate the ideas of our customers.

The development and improvement of our work has made us enter the U.S. domestic market, making work with some of the most important offices on both coasts of this nation. The recognition of our quality has been widely accepted.

A key point to perform our jobs is to seek to express every detail, however minimal, to achieve full satisfaction of both the firm that we hired, and the client who isdeveloping the project. This way when do we ensure success.

Our portfolio shows how we have participated in projects that have become part of the landscape in different cities. Some examples we can mention are TrumpTowers in Miami, the CUBE building by architect Carme Pinos in Guadalajara, a model which currently belongs to MoMA museum's collection in New York City. As the tower CUBE 2.

In MYP models understand that each development is important, therefore we strivein every one of them, to receive in each installment we do our best reward, satisfaction that they have seen their idea turned into a reality scale.

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